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Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona ! Need a place to stay for business or leisure ??? Thanks to our Phoenix hotels directory, book a property near the center of Phoenix or on the famous suburbs such as Scottsdale, Tempe or Mesa. Our Phoenix hotels directory is updated every day and will provide you with the most accurate information about more than 50 properties and hotels in Phoenix. Browse through our website and book online !!!

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Painted Mountain Resort
At Painted Mountain Golf Resort, Grandvista has developed the prototype resort for the new millennium. Prices start at 64$
Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak
The ultimate in luxurious accommodations awaits guests in spacious suites and luxury Casitas. Prices start at 95$

Arizona Biltmore Resort
Known throughout the world as the "Jewel of the Desert," it provides a restful oasis of 39 acres. Prices start at 139$
Sheraton San Marcos
San Marcos proudly upholds its grand tradition with outstanding accommodations and service... Prices start at 79$

Royal Palms Hotel
The hotel is poised within the Valley of the Sun, in the Phoenix / Scottsdale resort community.
Prices start at 115$
Hyatt Regency
Stay at a dramatically designed hotel in downtown Phoenix across from the Phoenix Civic Plaza.... Prices start at 99$

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From 49$ - Wellesley Inn and Suites Metro Center
From 57$ - Best Western Executive Park Downtown
From 59$ - Crowne Plaza Downtown
From 65$ - Painted Mountain Golf Resort
From 75$ - Holiday Inn Midtown

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